April Showers 2023

April notes are inspired by floral, and the sense of the unknown. As we journey forward in 2023 there is so much uncertain, and also so much possibilities at the same time.

Happy Resurrection Weekend!

I do current events so for now I will skip the sign of the times conversation, but being that this is the weekend we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, I will emphasize the importance of having a personal relationship with God, because he made us all with purpose and also has the keys to our design. Seek Him, walk with Him, and get to know him for yourself.

Today for me is a sleep and eat day. I would call it a Sabbath of rest. April has just begun, but I have an event feature already to feature, and toward the end of the month comes fashion week, to which I am so excited, and plan to do better than last year.

A great Spring read!

As I am lounging, watching “What Everyone Is Wearing”, by KarenBritChick, I am inspired for this upcoming style, two part series.

This part one, April Showers, the inspiration is Shoes, Eyes and fantastic foods, just to begin.

I appreciate you all for joining me, let’s dig in.

Shoe Game

Spring inspires shoes, living in Minneapolis, the ground is anywhere from snowy, to mucky. Our shoes go through it, and at the end of the day, boots had their time, and it’s near time to pack them away.

Need inspiration for Spring Shoes, I got you! CHECK OUT THE STYLES BELOW!

Eyes are the prize and the windows to the soul. As I get older I like to simplify my look, and inhance my favorite features. Eyes are all the rage this Spring, I have a few examples for you

The mood is curiosity with my b.s. meter in my back pocket. Also being ready, wherever I go!

For the love of flowers, and everything that blooms!

Better Together, than apart!

Food for the Foodie who loves to eat the rainbow.

I can’t stress enough that we should be eating for health, health is wealth, and we only have one body to get it right.

There are so many creative ways to eat well, and staying Spring inspired, I have some fresh ideas for some amazing cuisine. Food, check it out!

We have come to end of April Showers part 1. I don’t want to over load this blog, after all, it’s Spring inspired, and we are packing light this year.
I hope you come back again to check out my Late Nights at the 331 post, along with part two, and the upcoming fashion features. Tah, tah for now, until next time!

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