Romance, for the romantic.


There are things in this life that are best experienced with a heart seasoned by misgivings and disappointments, it gives us this sense that nothing is as we thought. As if we have to grow more familiar with things we thought we knew. As if the tide of life changes and rearranges us and we find ourselves in a constant stage of needing to put ourselves back together again. It’s beautiful to have once been broken and find that the things that put us in such a fragile state help to incubate us to grow. I am a romantic, I believe in 3 a.m. poetry and dancing in the rain, I believe in writing my visions and sketching when I can not find the words. I love losing myself in a good song, good book, or good movie, soul talks and ice cold lemonade on hot days. I believe also if you find the things that inspire you to get up in the morning and face your day, that you have already found success. Lastly I believe the people we meet are the gifts of life, and the family we have. There are so many reasons to feel wealthy and blessed, there is so much to enjoy. This makes me an eternal romantic, as I believe in the power and virtue of the human spirit, how it prays and endures, as well as the things that inspire tears of joy and pain.

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