Lessons Lived

 Lessons Lived20170315_172632

The way we witnessed night like falling stars placed through summers magic,

Unfocused, we endured undone pain do to the need for satisfaction. Now we both wear coats like strangers covering up their feelings. Trying not to look too suspicious, I was disillusioned by your awkward light, it made shadows around your eyes, and that convinced me that you needed me.

You never needed me, and I never needed you. So, I conclude that we were. Because of the times, so what do you think of that?


Lesson Lived II

This world ive twice related in a type of ceremony, yet I’m not merry.

Holding into the warmth, while shivers come, they creep quick, seeping through the cracks that I have forgotten to seal.

They steal precious memories, somber images of me losing my friend do to reality, we together shared our dream with reality, he told us they would come true, I feel he lied.

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