Hello there Mr. Wonderful

20170224_161203 (2)

Hello there Mr. Wonderful, eyes brown yet dark as night, I wonder… Well I wonder were all the ladies are tonight?

Could it be you got them memorized with your deep ebony skin?

You got all the fellas hating on you, because you believe that we are all haters within.

Hello Mr. Extravagant, you must be Mr. Wonderful’s friend, your skin is as smooth as velvet and you have a gorgeous grin.

So let me see, which would I choose so many choices and I dare not loose.

Good bye Extravagant you are to expensive for my taste, but instead of being wined and dined I want to be mad laced, with all the love sweet tenderness and all the you will offer. With np interest in a man buying me material things, I’m a modern woman, so yeah, you’re in my way.

Hello again Mr. Wonderful can we talk awhile; you have gorgeous eyes and I like your style. Your look is so sincere; I hope your intentions are too. So let’s dance to the tune of Moody’s Mood, and let that be a reflection of Me and you.

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