Ms. Lauryn Hill

Like many fans of the incomparable Lauryn Hill, I was inspired by her as a triple threat and still haven’t caught my breath from the many things, elements, conversation that she has brought to the fore front. We have come to the week of the 20 year anniversary of her solo debut album The Mis-education Of Lauryn Hill. For those familiar with the Mis-Education of the Negro, by Carter G. Woodson, you would see that her intellect and understanding was way beyond the conversation of social engineering, community and deep self love. The melodic chorus, beats and style of rhyme change, made everyone a believer in Ms. Lauryn Hill’s musical range and ability, but she also became a teacher, and us students in classroom. We now stand at a time in Hip-Hip, that rides parallel to Black Girl Magic, and BLM movements. We see the superficial over sexed images gain more inertia than the studied spiritualism that Ms. Hill brought to the game, and with deep sadness we’ve missed her, asking ourselves where are those that walk her line? At the same time I must say as an artist that is a woman of color that the baton she was carrying was heavier than it looked. She made it look so easy, what I am sure everyone behind the scene’s where just in awe of this little brown girl with 4C hair, and a voice that could seemingly do all things, could walk up in the place and change the game. She could act and be the deepest home girl that is like a old soul and an young woman’s body. I have to pay tribute to her because she is the one artist that has single highhandedly held my attention since we met at Sister Act 2, or Nappy Heads, with the Mona Lisa.. I can’t remember, but I was front and center.

To be a lady MC is a whole other conversation as far as I am concerned, but she definitely did her studies. She was not the person that you would not want to use loose words with out of fear that she would chop them u,p say them with their Latin root, then hijinks you with some knowledge you should have already known, but never paid attention too. You can not battle with a sage, someone who came to be a servant of the people and with her gifts deliver so many promising gems for future generations. I do not care how some may paint her with their cookie cutter, status quo, uneducated opinions, because opinions are free, but not all things are for me. I know that her contribution to the art is more legendary then any that I have seen in my life time, and I did not want to let another year gob y before I said what I wanted to say in regards to Ms. Hill.

Lastly her impact on style, from the very beginning I was always checking for her style, it was always feminine even when it wasn’t, she kept the lipstick and represented the thickness of the sister’s lips. Natural hair, I don’t know if it was a thing when she stepped on the scene, but it is a for sure thing now. Lauryn made sista’s and I must say the Bruhs too, question everything, about everything, because as you know, Everything is Everything, and was a song and a theme on the Mis-education Album. So, to Ms. Hill, her family and her crew, God was smiling down on us the day he sent you, I pray your strength always, in Christ Jesus name, Amen!



Lauryn Hill Photo gallery





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