Urban Gypzy is a concept that just stuck with me after doing a year of soul searching to rediscover my truth.

Urban Gypzy was a concept that I was working on with a photographer friend but our schedules never quite sync’d up. I have held on to the idea of Urban Gpyzy since 2011, then I was exposed to the natural hair, sustainable living, urban farming, black arts movement, and black girl magic all at once. The reason why all those very different lifestyle elements were most intriguing to me is because I was always a magazine head. I loved fashionable living, great food and great conversation. As an aspect of living from 18, I worked at Bloomingdale’s and became very fashion conscious but over the years I have gone through a lot a fashion transition.
In the Twin Cities I went to restaurants and concerts like someone was paying me. As I look back at my twenties I see that it could have been a fashion editorial. As I am saying I totally see how I lived in a romanticized dream state until the reality of life step in and knocked me on my ass, and so I had to begin, again.

I love everything from art to street style, social commentary, with what I would call an interesting yet soulful love of music. I hope that this blog can be a go to site for women of color, whatever color, to come and receive dialogue or inspiration to help to push and motivate them to reach any seemingly impossible goal. I want to not put myself in a box and say what I will write today or tomorrow, I hope the readers and I can form a community of sorts that can do the unthinkable.