Late Nights @The 331 Club Mpls.

At the 331 Hip-hop set that happens every first Thursday of the month featuring local acts, and a dj that has a pretty good range when it comes to music.

The event is a bit light when I arrive, but I arrived around 10 pm. These late night events are hard to make it to when your are an early bird, I am definitely an early bird, she is me.howe er after a brief nap, I pulled myself together and came out to support.

The event is always free, and the 331 has a real awesome drink menu, so it doesn’t break the bank. Also there is an ATM which is a life saver, when you put cash on a prepaid card to avoid using the bank account. Blogging can be a budget breaker, I am trying to move smarter, and save better, ya’ll.

Around 10:20, and the Dj is spinning the night has people socializing and preparing to see the artist that will be the one’s that will grace the stage this evening.

There is a vibe this night, as admittedly I have come to a show here before. What is worth a mention is the man of the hour. Seemingly restless and always working, the one who is the vision behind this and so many other events that I have had the honor to contribute, a dynamo and true Renaissance man, none like I have ever seen in my lifetime. Toussaint Morrison, shout out!

This night and I am sure so many nights would not be possible without this one person.

He is so fine,  just saying though.

Anyway, the night commenced with the artists, mostly rappers, while the message did not appeal to me, nor did I feel uplifted, or inspired. I did go, and capture some of the artists. I welcome you to take a look, and see for yourself.

Drink of choice a Heineken and a shot or a few, trying to stay up, and alert, perhaps and possibly, I made it through.

Mike and Victoria

Lovely people who randomly complimented me on my hoop earrings, sat with me for most of the night. They never attended the Hip-hop night, but decided to come and support. They were an interesting pair, Victoria teaches piano, and Mike is an engineer, we talked about a lot, they grew interested in the fact that I came to blog about the event. I appreciate their interests and encouragement, since blogs seem a bit outdated in the era of Tik Tok, but as a writer it just works for me, because I am not a circus clown and I like to be very firm in that. There is a art to communication, and community, I am interested in both strongly, so thei support meant a lot. I do feel like I am going against the grain in a lot of respects.

For the time being, I pay mysto blog, it helps me remain authentic in events, and conversation that I capture.

TI really hope you enjoyed this blog. More to come, until next time

Just woke up from a nap, a little tired, but I am waiting for my ride…She needs coffee..

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