Contemplating this world….

I am an artist and I have a passion for the arts yes, but also education. I think about how hard it is these days not only for teachers, but also for parents, to teach children how to deal and cope with the new normal the changing world creates. On the one hand you can be whatever you think you are and bullying is wrong, on the other hand racism drives the system we live in bullying only seems to get compassion when it happens in the suburbs or small towns. The News has it’s favorite communities, which includes Hollywood and wherever the wealthy live, and even from the outside looking in who would even guess Minnesota has people of color other than the one’s sparsely shown in advertisements. Why does there have to be such harsh contradictions and why do they need to be so obvious. I often ask myself what would I  be thinking if I was in high school, but then I remember that the teacher’s have been progressively getting worse and apathetic to the communities that they are instructing, and those teacher’s that still have passion fall victim to the politics and monetary conflicts that go along with selecting curriculum for the group of student’s inherited by the last teacher that did the least that was required. How is the world supposed to get any better with such a situation in our classrooms, that mirror themselves in the lives of adults that lack the skills to push forward in today’s world. It’s not enough to look for disparities hoping to find someone or something to right these wrongs, these huge contradictions that we are laying before the feet of our young people, along with debt, climate change, and GMO’s. As adults it is time to ask ourselves a question, how can we expect the next generation to carry out our values, if we never made them clear to begin with?

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