How my heart feels now

I want to dance around rooms, with large let the sun in

I want to sing with the band with my pretty dress- I’ll really love it

To gaze at the moon and make plans, you touching my hand, I’m motivated

Been contemplating lately, you on my plate it makes me, crave stormy nights

With you touching me right?

It goes unnoticed the impact of the those stolen moments, I cannot hold it,

I want to give in, to the fire, I’d love to admire the way, you caress me, and this fire it burns

And oh, once you learn how to play that key, you wrapped around me

I want to dance around rooms, with large windows

Open them bad boys up and feel the wind blow, as the melody plays the sweetest serenade for you and me, oh could it be…I want to dance around rooms, dancing to my favorite groove, as the pulse of the song reels, that’s how you make my heart feel, king.

So that’s how my heart feels love, and that is how my heart feels, beating and its so real, and I’m in the mood to dance around rooms windows open let the sun in windows open feel the wind blow with candlelight, me and you.

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