My name is Stephanie Mann, and I am an inter-media artist as well as a community artist that lives in the Twin Cities. I have wanted to have discussions via blogging to create a sense of place for my creativity. After spending a year using social media as a way to get closer to my goals, I find it very therapeutic to have a place to come and funnel some of my art, poetry, and thoughts. I have other projects that I want to pursue and I am going to write my way into achieving my dreams. In another life, I would have been a fascinating magazine editor like Maggie Prescott featured on the movie20170224_161048 (2)

Funny face, or be a designer like Tracy Chambers from the movie Mahogany. I wanted to be a taste maker that was bold enough to affect social change in healing and healthy ways. I love street-style, but I also love a good book, I like things that come together to educate or inspire a lifestyle that reflects the values that are important to me. At the very least I can try my hand at regular writing working as best I can on content, grammar, and media to better assemble a presentation ready example of my vision.

Currently I am trying to establish myself as I am developing a community artist with a strategy to help increase the revenue for artist of color.  There is such a great wealth of local talent that I have had the pleasure of meeting in the last 6 months of putting on Sketches In Blue. These artists have inspired me  to try harder to develop some kind of platform that helps to link all kinds of communities together by using their common grounds, instead of the polarizing aspects of culture. I am actually excited to use this blog to talk, hopefully interview, street- style shots and other aspect of the culture and style that is good for the soul.20170315_17263220170604_150509