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In the news today we see that the United States President Donald Trump see’s no need for diplomacy as he continues to work again freedom, by initiating a war for reasons that seem to be for the most part based on bravado and machismo. The resources, or long historical rap sheet between america North Korea required a great deal of sensitivity at best. Also, we find in Trump’s America, that it is becoming harder and harder for some people to be descent human beings. The level of hate just skyrocketed and can be seen in small towns and large cities. People were there hatred with pride passing their bad mood on to unsuspecting victims. Racism has also seem to become a mainstay in the fabric of America, as old ideals are being unearthed, and people are taking off their masks of politically correctness. The twilight zone emerges where no one really knows what to expect because of the spectacle created by law enforcement who have seemingly become judge and jury in their arrest. It is indeed a sad time in America, for the times of calling us leaders of industry and leaders of civil rights is becoming a thing of the past right in front of our eyes.


I suppose the people remain numb do to the fact that the food and water are known to carry toxin, TV, network or other wise, get used to seeing outward suggestive images that will at times seem like straight up psychic violence. Most of the words and other terms that we come in contact with on the regular have strong historical meanings that on the surface seem to be just words, but are not.

Vibrations are in season, it seems people are starting to become very a ware of the feelings that vibrations send off so protect your energy. Relationship advice, Do what works for you.. This is an era were everyone wants but no one is checking for what they need, so give your soul a glow up today, and focus on the things that will help you become a better you tomorrow.


Money Matters, no for real, money matters, it is hard to get out of old habits especially when money changes. Social media would have us believe that everyone is living in huge houses, wearing designer clothes, eating at restaurants talking about the daily gossip of the day, with a luxury life style to boot. That is all a farce, and no one should ever be expected to live at those levels all the time, it is bad for the planet. It is better to just relax and find the romance in everyday because it is there. If you are like me and see a dramatic change in finance and find it hard to re-budget back to the basic’s join the club. It is not how much money you have, it is how much you keep, and I had investments all wrong. I invested in myself and see how that was not necessarily the best way to be financially secure. it was the best lesson in the world for me though, it taught me to be more patient and not so rough on me, about wants and needs.. It so hard, but not impossible to scale back on luxury and live more DIY, everyone is doing it. It is so very possible to live your best life on a budget and somehow I am going to figure it out…with the rest of America, lol..

Next Stocks and bonds, there are great stocks that are great investments, it’s funny, when you actually do have a little bit a money, it is very hard to find a financial adviser, but I would advise it. Dreams can happen one day at a time and dollars do add up. Take a chance on yourself and the money you do save from trimming down the luxuries can also be used to put away for the day you are most waiting for.. whatever day that is.


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