Her Black Essence


 Her Black Essence

Ebony, caramel, mocha, honey, sweet vanilla with cinnamon sprinkles whatever you want we come in a vast variety.

Being that strong bold sistah, men break necks to get with her, that preserver that wizard, she can heal your inner soul. Get your vitamins that supplement, because she is going to crash your diet man.

She is that pull strings sistah with ancient eyes, that keep it real sistah that never wears a disguise she can roll with the guys or be down for whatever, that executive unbeatable type sistah that got the cute trying to be clever because she got herself together.

She is knowledge speaking, false peeping, age gracefully sistah. That I got got what you want, what you need type sistah.

She is a spiritual leader, child teacher, creator of human beings, mother of house and home. The one that proves sometimes it is good to be alone, “ I’ll raise my kids on my own type sistahs that comes in every tone.

Flowerbed universally bred eye capturing, self-esteem popping sistah that keeps it real with her peeps, only coolness can get with her get the pictures?

She sits always with a golden halo in your presence, birthing little sister and brother angels that demand respect, and that mystery you can’t touch, it soul hot, it makes the crowd rush o be inn her presence.

We can call it all out in three words and they are, “Her Black Essence”.


Part II

It’s a blessing because her spirit is fertile, back in the day brother’s thought she was worthwhile, some still would walk miles, just to see her smile.

Deeper than the conversation of racism, a dynamic web of design to malign the minds of the generations, we find. Daily she and her seeds just cope with it. Like the inflicting parties could ever see the scope of it.

Prayer, blood, sweat and tears, she paid for, now family and community are being held captive by the commodore. She should muster sweet peace in Jesus name to regain her since of royalty. These are the times where she must protect hers even if they have only shown shaky loyalty.

Folks down her on radio and TV, she is the full screen caption, and exaggerated version of who most dream to be.

She can be herself all day, she do not need cameras to come in to play to be animated, character is in her bones. Like the varied nature of her tone, she can give you comedy, theatre, opera, all day long. Bopping her head to her favorite song, dancing like she doesn’t have a care, and she don’t care if you are over there with your ice glare, she ain’t tripping on you, paid too much money to be in there.

Lack at looking at first sight still can’t dim this sistahs light, she did not come here for that, now be her witness. The love inside them won’t see a death sentence, she preserves her since of home in her bosom.

Salted tears that fall holding memories of past loves and heartbreak of the past. They tried to defeat her image creating privileged examples that are only known for their scrimmages. But where privileged lives morality gives way to economy, and that’s when this sistah becomes a commodity, so to speak. Eventually this breaks down with the weight of the responsibility, when you know you could been more, remembering on how things used to be.

Stay with me here, I’m not losing the heat…

These sistahs are on their way so tell the media to stop confusing me, scrambling me up with a disproportional option, setting me up, like I’m up for auction. Twisting me up so my mind can’t see the caution to know when to both seek and speak the Word.

Just the very mention has folks fluttering around like birds. The Word and these sistahs are one, it is with it that she prays over family and that’s how it’s done. Everyone knows this type of sistah she is often reared by a praying one.

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