Digital Photo Art

I have been playing with the idea of photos and filters heavy for almost a year now. I like the way filters set the mood of a photograph. Since a photograph is static, I like the ability to create more with a single image. I started off by using my selfies because no matter how I or anyone else can justify it selfies are very vein if over done. I like the concept of self love, the fact that one embraces their flaws and finds beauty in the narratives that inspire greatness, or at least a great life. So here is my Sketches In Blue Promo photos I did myself only because my budget was tight, doing my own promo photos even if challenging was a worth while venture. Now,  am addicted to digital photography, I think of it like painting after a while, because you can over do an image and ruin it. So do make lots of copies of the original. My face to me has never been stunning, or classic, but I love the way my ancestry shows up in my face. I have a lot of family and our features are very similar, my vision is expressed through art, because I simply love it.

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