The Spring has Sprung 2018



I know it is just January, and we are only nine days into the New Year, but I can’t help the fact that I am excited for Spring. After being covered in layers all winter, and not being able to really wear accessories due to harsh winter climates, I am simply ready to start seeing and being inspired by something new. As I am writing this I am staring outside looking at the snow melt and drip from rooftops of neighboring houses. I also can see pools of water reflect the light of the sun, as the temperature graduates to a whopping forty degrees. The Newscaster said that this is temporary, and my heart goes out to the people who live both in the South and the Northeastern corners of the United States getting hit with record breaking cold temperatures. As a Minnesotan, I feel your pain, and truly understand how rare it is for such communities to have to cope with such extreme temperatures at this time. I am hoping that this entry can bring a bit of inspiration, as the cold will not last forever, and at some point you will see the warmth of the sun again.


When I worked retail, I became used to the introduction of resort wear in January, at the time I asked the question, “why did the stores carry Spring/Summer clothes so early? and who will buy it?”. The answer was that it was resort season, the time of year where designers and retailers debut their Spring lines for anyone who was set to travel to warmer destinations. Trend forecasters to aide in helping to see what will be hot items and trends on the runways. I went rouge years ago, I really stopped looking at fashion forecast because I really did not like what I was seeing.


I took the time to  collect a few looks for Spring that captures inspiration through the power of style.



spring 1


Spring 5

Spring 2


More to come….


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