Public Announcement (Do you love her)

lockscreen_wallpaper (2)Public Announcement (Do you love her)

Do you love her? Does she make you smile, for real? Can she make you feel as if nothing yet everything matters?

When you look at her do see yourself, draped in knowledge of self, can she stroke your inner African self and make you think of home and how your truly unfamiliar with what it is to be alone, hell you never been cold. D

Do you see the originality that cascades down her face like a veil?

When she talks do you hear like slight poetry her rhythm, that African influenced rhythm that is in her blood, shear ebony love, all of this she has given to you.

Do you see the the colors, deep hues, I’m talking the uncanny colors that shows up after love making in both of your eye?

If you do then I love you because you are really being true to that mother, grandmother, sister, so I ask you again, do you love her?

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