Motivated towards May


Hello gypsies, it has been a while since I last posted and I apologize for the very long pause. April was a very busy and odd month, and the truth is, I was taking in so much information I had to just sit and experience it all before I could come correct with a blog post.

April was the month of weather, I could not tell you what season it was, it snowed for the first tow weeks of the month, and it was heavy and cold. We actually had a snowstorm on April 14th. Also on April 14th, was the funeral and memorial service for Mr. Tyrone Williams.


Tyrone Williams was a community staple, and hometown hero, that did more then a little bit to advance the quality of life for black people. I have known brother Tyrone since I was very little, he was like a brother to me, and to me he was my brother. There was just no accepting his loss on my part, but the way he lived his life and all the people that he touched in life and activism really amazed me. The long line of people from various community who stood in line ans share the great difference that he made in their life was inspiring. He did so much and I know his legacy will continue well into the future. Rest in greatness brother Tyrone.


April was also a month where I was assigned to different schools, and students, as I am a para professional by day. I learned so much by being introduced to so many young people. The genius of these young scholars, had me address my approach when talking with them. I have to be conscious everyday that the students have their very own role to play, and I also have to be humble enough to know that my job everyday is to help foster and nurture not just their genius, but their being as well. I promote healthy eating, and work very hard to help the students reach their goals. As a disciplinarian, i do not often have the patience to deal in excuses, but I do aide in coming up with viable solutions daily to help support the student so that they can better navigate their way through the educational system.


My joy, also comes from blogging, I love talking about what I learn, because I am always learning something. I am humbled by this year as well. In the 5th month, my struggles are far from over, struggling to find myself as an artist in this world is a constant struggle, and I go through it, and that ain’t no lie. I wish I could paint the picture of perfection but as a 36 year old, I have not yet found my way. I feel like slow and steady wins the race, but I am on snail status at the moment, and things can change in a blink of an eye. My artist process is complicated, I have a stock of paintings being featured on my cousins porch, and sketches everywhere. I have manuscripts that I have sent out, and have heard nothing about still saved to my computer. I have clothes I haven’t worn, and clothes I have worn, but i don’t like anymore. I seem to be always between jobs, and I have not felt settled in years. Through all the confusion, I still work on my blog and work with others to maintain my sense of creativity.


Crowned Sound World, with AP Lit Class, and Ken the Coach Keys, is a new collaboration that I am very excited about. The show is an excellent combination, we talk social commentary, sports, pop news, culture, and we also got jokes. I had so much fun working with the fellas, I look forward to creating and building on the show each month as we go forward.


Well stay tuned for the post on Crowned Sound World, and thank you for joining for yet another post. Stay positive, focused and prayed up gypzies, until next time.


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