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The older I get, I notice that there is truly nothing new under the sun, but there are always new interpretations, fresh ways, and innovative approaches that we can apply to out mainstay topics. Fashion has so many different arena’s. Just recently I started to subscribe to Vogue Britain’s fashion channel featuring Alexa Chung. Alexa is a style veteran that has been a model, blogger and now business owner. Watching the channel gives me hope and inspires me to believe that even I can have a future in the fashion industry. I have a different way of looking at fashion than most that I have talked to. I love editorials, the storyteller in me thinks that all heroines or heroes featured should have a back story, or context, this is when the creativity kicks in. The stylists, the make up, and back drop. I love the romance of an editorial/ interview spread. It opens up the reader to the reality of the author or subject. The person featured can be inspirational in their own way, as we look more intimately at the way the interviewer delves in with questions that respond to the readers interest. Does anyone pay attention to the reader anymore? I like to think that most fashion magazine are following each other instead of keeping their finger on the pulse of their reader’s true wants and desires.

I love fashion that is classically cut and practical. I also love innovation of the old to turn it into something new. The idea that a person can create a personal brand using their fashion sense and no how is what I needed to hear.

My favorite form of style at this time is street style. Street style because everywhere you go there you are, and every place has it’s own version of style. Having traveled to cities like Philadelphia, New York, and Baltimore, I come home to the Twin Cities and appreciate the assortment of style that I see appear organically on local streets. So I google searched the globe of the internet and look for looks and style that I find both unique, as well as up and coming. Here are a few styles I have selected for this post.


Expression in the above photo shows that the model has a unique personal sense of style. The Kid N Play high top, the classic button shirt with bow tie, the cut of worn denim, and the pop in color found in the socks are creative classics all blended together. The style borders on Hip-Hop Prep, and was made cool in 2004, during the Kanye West era, but had previously been popular in both movies and fashion of late ’80’s and early ’90’s in black film. Another fact to note is that Hip-Hop became such a fashion game changer the look has been deemed a classic in itself.

tulle and leather


An ode to elegance and a vibrant addition to the street style collection. The classic black leather jacket paired with jeans with a tulle polka dot and nude inspired look is simply irresistible to look at. All great street style should carry the gaze and this look is enough to inspire anyone to watch this woman as she walks down the street. No doubt the skirt will dance in the wind and she will have the command of presence to not care. Photographers everywhere would be smart to get the photo op, because some looks are just simply inspiring.

floral prints


Anyone who knows me knows I love flowers, so yes I would like to see that I am partial in every way. Floral is always appropriate and probably one of the most girly looks on the market save pink. Floral is a classic staple, a smart option for any woman because it can be dressed up and dressed down. Much like the tulle look with the leather jacket, all it takes is accessories to completely change this look up. In many ways, when you are dealing with a floral look, you have many outfits in one. I am excited for all the ways that floral will be reintroduced for the fall season.

shoe attitude

For those in careers that require a more refined look, style is still important, the above style conveys that even the most classic looks can have a flair. In this case the shoes are an added bonus to highlight the lovely essence of this look. Also the model looks more grounded then should would in the basic heal. In this picture, I see a woman n who is going to conquer the world, and she is certainly dressed to do so.

I hope you join me again as I introduce to you fantastic looks that hopefully will be added inspirations for your style. Stay tuned for Septembers Mood Board.

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