Just add film…

As a blogger I feel like I am entering into a new season of expression. There are so many platforms or stages, either physical and digital for artist to be able to express their gifts and get it out there. As a community artist my passion is to help artist find creative ways to enter into the marketplace. I randomly talk to creatives in the city, because a lot of folks I find do not even know that they are artists. Believe me, I know that there are also some people who can buy there way into accessing materials that can help them get the word out there, but there are also them who are more low key in their expression and have to be encouraged to pursue their hearts calling. In these economic times it is harder than ever to be an artist and support yourself. Working around the clock on either your art, or your actual job can eventually burn you out to both. Another emerging concern is the lack of support for local artists of color, which puts a strain on any emerging community. There is a since that the ability to introduce the arts through a digital platform can better explain the situation. As I travel on what is often public transportation, I talk to local persons of color about their experience in the arts, and whether or not they were aware of the artist resources available to them. Often times their lives run parallel to anything arts related. I have so many questions personally about the state of the arts for POC, here in the Twin Cities, so I want to also use this blog to press interviews, and conversations, because they are real, and are actually happening now.


Another thing, might be to chronicle my experiences on public transportation. I have so many stories of people, and how amazingly fantastical they are. I think that people go to You Tube because they don’t ride public transportation. The level of open communication that exists here in the Twin Cities, I do not take for granted. Conversation is an art in and of itself, and I have some dynamic conversations. As a writer it actually excites my sensibilities to behold that God’s world is his people, at their best. I adore that God is the first artist, because through his people, their stories, and the beauty of the earth I feel comforted in wisdom and lessons, so I take heed. Everywhere is life. That is why blogging is important, it allows me to archive my experiences, and archive them as a writer, because everything that occurs is history in the making.

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