Diaspora Prophetess

Diaspora Prophetess
Echoes of her children’s cries ring heavy on this land, if you listen close you can hear, just try to understand. People exist now in a state that is so insane, hiding sanity behind justification rocks and praising de- formality as gain. I am sad that we except this exaggeration trapped in mind cages unadapt to contemplation.
Yet, Diaspora has born three kids whom have survived this tragedy, I give you Emancipate, Poetry and last of all prophecy. Their plan seemed shifty because they announced it through underground Hip-Hop. They decided they would though off the hater and make a commercialized version to spawn talk show debaters and to make the Quakers angry at the explicit lyrics they were using all the while they were confusing and not abusing the masses.
Now its 2016 and Hip-Hop has been hitting globally, the true thugs get happy at all the recognition it took time to receive. Diaspora has born a son this one named Poetry and in collaboration with Emancipate they inspired prophecy, and in corroboration they are here to clear the world of all its hypocrisy and to shine the ray of light into a distilled propriety.

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