To blog, indeed.


I decided to blog because I have been documenting my experiences for years, and started to collect more and  more books of writings, I would then need to pack up and take with me where ever I was going, every time i went. I have attempted many times to keep a consistent blog but life happens and then I get reclusive and would prefer to watch life go by then to write about it. I want to write now because I spent the weekend watching Ntozakes Shange’s work whether interpreted by Tyler Perry or on YouTube, or watching her read her own work. I saw the screenplay she did in the early to late seventies, I read her story, even researched the college she credited for giving her such a nurturing environment. As an artist woman of color I have had to fight and am still fighting to have access to the art and content so that young people can be taught to take pride in their  historical worth through stories. Another author/writer that I was into was James Baldwin, he is a very stoic and honest writer of a lifetime.  The candid nature of his conversation did not give credence to the antagonizing nature of white society and the struggle to accept the abuses endured by the persons of color in this country. This makes me love writers, and writings again. To share the sincere, well thought out oratory that lingers, that can inspire not  just nations, but individuals that believe in the power of the truth again.

3 thoughts on “To blog, indeed.

  1. The beauty and ugliness of it as it shines to guide your soul to the greater parts of it that forces its required action within you to be manifested without as the world screams at your discovery and awaking to truth.

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