Metro Chronicles 1.


To be a person that takes public transportation is to see what most would rather choose to ignore. I find that it is easy and not unusual to have the earbuds in as you are going to and from your destination, I know that I am guilty of it. Earbuds helps me to focus on whatever it is going around in my head. I sometime have an opportunity to look around and talk with my fellow traveler’s or even look at them crazy, whatever, but I do get to see people as they are in everyday life and it looks nothing like social media. I do not think that there are enough camera’s in the world to capture the human essence when it does not know it’s being watched. The moments that are so organically original that all you can tell someone is, “I wish that you were there”. In the days when we get to see the best and worst of people socially, I see that it is time to really get social. A thought occurred to me as I was riding the 21 to St. Paul, ” What if we stopped interacting to the point where we actually did live in different dimensions.” Wow, that’s a concepts, but read further, we are all separate woven stories with intricate patterns if behavior that drive us towards different desires, with our desires being so limitless it is totally possible that in time without proper social interaction we all may have interaction as long as they fulfill our desires, how narcissistic is that? Just riding public transportation, if you look around you can see most people attention projected down towards the screen, they scroll laugh, rap their music or get lost in an eBook. Only the teenagers interact really, and the travelers, they speak, and rarely an everyday person out of no where will strike up the most random of conversations. Perhaps you will learn about their day or what just happened or even that it is the end of the line for the bus, and that you have to walk cross the street and walk up a block to catch the next bus that will be there in 10 min.. Whatever the case, who are we if we are not trying to be alive in every situation, while we are here.

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