Woullet Bakery


It has been quite a month, there has been a lot of really awesome moments here in the world of Urban Gypzy, where any place can be an adventure. We look at things with an artist eye, so I must admit that I speak from that perspective.

To get started I have just moved and though I love Minneapolis as a highlight I am not opposed to discovering gems in other parts of the Twin Cities, soon the world, but I digress.


This month I was able to visit a lot of awesome places, with a tight work schedule and all I did my best to keep track of my comings and goings. The first on my list is a place called Woullets Bakery in Robbinsdale. The transit center in Robbinsdale is surrounded by food places and that is wonderful if you travel via transit. I walk everywhere so these places are awesome to find. I was walking around the main area of town and happened on this bakery. I asked about the history and the cashier, who was a very kind gentleman proceeded to tell me that it was family owned, that there where more locations, and that it is also Minnesota home grown business. It was like being in a little piece of history. I purchased coffee and a sweet roll, thanked the cashier for his hospitality and went on my way. The thing is, before I left a couple sitting at a table continued the conversation of the history of the bakery, looks like I started something.






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  1. dante says:

    Great meeting you yesterday! Keep me in mind when you are thinking of upcoming projects!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. urbangypzy says:

      Thank you, I will do my best.


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