Artist Feature: Jessica Care Moore

The first time saw Jessica Care Moore perform I was 13 years old and she performed a poem called, “Black Girl Juice”, I was stunned mouth open, at her delivery, and her content. Her stage presence commanded respect and she spoke of  a story I had not heard much about stretched out, she laid down the conversation of self love for a black girl. I had heard Mary J. Blige yell scream and moan about heartbreak. I had visited the heartbreak hotel with a great deal of black women artist and singers and quite frankly was very tired of going down heartbreak alley.  Jessica Care Moore published a poetry book called, “The Words Don’t Fit in my Mouth”, I bought the book as soon as I heard about it. I was a different time in Hip-Hop. The Roots, Mos Def now Yasin Bay, Pharoah, The Lyricist Lounge Crew, and the Sound Bombing Crew, all were establishing name for themselves on a grand stage and being exposed to such artist for me was incredibly important and key to me wanting to become an artist myself. Seeing Jessica Care Moore speak on the plight of the black girl as if she represents all the things that society did not want to give respect to a an audience to. Times have changed, but what has remained the same is the fact that the message of black girl empowerment has wrapped itself around the  globe and everywhere we see black girls covered in gold.jessicacaremooreheadshot

This poem changed my life.

More Jessica..




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