Floral Arrangement

Dreams dressed in dew fresh mornings and enchanted kisses,

hot morning dishes, over coffee, before the sun rises in the distance.

The getting ready for the day, a long kiss and hug then we are on our way

going to wrestle with the commotion of the work day. The day is long,

but our lunch is bomb, two mixed veggies pastas with a hint a saffron…

The weight of the world seems blinding, news flashes violence on the daily. We watch

as the world’s morality hangs in the balance, the peace ransom asked for with a handsome price. We look at our plight and feel we paid twice.

Conversation during the commute home, asking each other if we believe how much people are so influenced by TV, so much that we have to comment how the non sense touches our reality…

Finally home, you…before me…we sit for a second looking for moments to finally breath in unison, like we did when our day begun… trying to reset out vision back to the comforts of our home.

This is the type of sanctuary that keeps us calm during the storm.

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