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What is up in the world, It is 9/10/17, We are dealing with natural disaster like we have never seen them before. For months we have heard about burning forest in Nevada, California, and Oregon. Now we are hearing about flooding in India, Nigeria, The gulf coast region and Mexico. The political climate is unbelievably wacky, as President Trump seems to be unaware the seriousness of his office as it pertains to other Americans, and South Korea seems to be mirroring the same problem. No one really knows what Russia has to do with anything but the name no doubt has been reoccurring since the Cold War. The digital innovations just keep rolling in like profits for the wealthy, but the Earth itself is telling a different story. Human beings and materialism has hit such a high that you have to actually remind people that people deserve love and not things, and to not love things over people. Does anyone trust the news? It is becoming more and more difficult as we find hand held phone cameras seem to expose what journalist won’t. What does this say about us as a society. We have no one to blame, and everyone quiets the craziness of the situation with gossips or stories of grim from around the world, that do not seem to be in a short supply. This is the world as we know it by Stephanie Mann

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