Sketches In Blue

New Art

(Edited 6/26/2017) There is a sultriness that I love from the era of Harlem Jazz, what made it different from Jazz in the south. There was all the attitude behind the thinking beat. It had a voice that could not be hushed, the truthfulness of the lyrics that chime about life, love, that will make one think logically, emotionally, romantically, but thinking was always inspired.

It is said that listening to Jazz can help the brain concentrate, as is similar with classical music. The measure the beat and the time of the rhythm, helps the brain expand and breakdown complex thoughts with the pattern and rhythm. Much like how the ABC’s has a song to help children and adults memorize the order of the letters. Something about music and intelligence, or even music and communication.

I think music is important also in helping us develop a sense of community because it takes communities to put on a good musical show.

I hear that here in the Twin Cities, the people of color don’t come out and support so the events and artists suffer.

The truth is even as an artist having recently done a show I question if the Philando Castile verdict was the reason for the low turn out or whether people where not planning on coming?

The show was awesome and the idea to LIVE it on Facebook was also awesome because it forever captured the show I worked so hard to manifest and the absolute quality that it was worth it in real time. I enjoyed myself that night, and If I count the ones that did show up, I couldn’t have had a better team. So there is actually no circumstance that can’t be turned into a impressive situations here, among artist of color.

I guess we have to believe in the cause more than we do the bullsnit and deal with trying to create sustainable industries, like the ones we see popping up in cities around the US, and the world.

We don’t have to be left behind in our own community looking for a sense of self in other states. We can build right here, right now, it just takes a sense of knowing how to go with groove and make moves that can increase our altitude, so that we can create sustenance for the multitude, not just one of us looking all dressed up, while the rest of us barely eating, it’s time for us all to be winning.


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