Urban Gypzy Artists to Get to Know

Pavialle French

I was listening to Crowned Sound Radio yesterday and found that the host Aaron Price was introducing a singer out of the Twin Cities named Pavialla French. She is a vocalist with an amazing story, and an even more amazing talent. Her voice is sultry and soulful and her range as a Jazz singer exceeds expectation. Reminiscent of the greats, I am surprised that I have not heard more from her. I have some her work via the power of You Tube so without further ado…



More Ashley DuBose/ Just Relax



Wayman Steppers For Christ

Ayanle Blakchai – Second class

Vie Boheme

I had the honor of queen Vie perform during a Avante Garde open mic night at the Reverie, on Franklin and Nicollet in Minneapolis. Vie Boheme is quite the performer and I love the energy that she brings to the stage. She smiles beautifully and is as elegant as the dancer as she sings songs that range from love and pain.

Crowned Sound Radio

Tune into Crowned Sound Radio WFNU 94.1 with Aaron Price who hosts an hour show of vintage grooves and classic Hip-hop. Crowned sound also features interviews from local artists and plenty of discussion that runs a gambit between social issues to sports.

The amazing aspect of Crown Sound is that the artist features are genuine, and engaging. it is about time that a platform that seeks to introduce the community to the local talent must be applauded. As an artist myself I can testify to how hard it is to get exposure in your own home town. I salute Crown Sound Media group for being such an awesome resource for local artist.


So remember to tune in every Friday night@ 8 pm-9 pm.

Crowned Lens introduces Candy Fresh SPNN with Aaron Price and Bianca Rose


Twin Cities wordsmith Lula Saleh honors slain teen Nabra Hassanen with a beautiful video poem


Have you met Lula Selah of the Twin Cities, if you have not, you should.

Wilson Miles bring their transatlantic ‘boom dominion’ home to Minneapolis



These days I am actually on the hunt for new artist to feature, I am so intrigued by the journalism aspect of blogging. I have to show much respect to City Pages for their articles on local artists, or artist that i have not heard of so you will find that I will be using local sources like City Pages, Insight News and various other media sites like YouTube and Instagram. recently I have come across a few more lady Artist/Performers that I would like to introduce to the Urban Gypsy platform. Sabrina Claudio and IAMDDB, are my current favorites, I look to do an artist feature on them both separately soon. Until then I am still very much exploring possibilities with this platform. So whom ever becomes an avid reader just know that we are traveling this road together. If you have any artist that you think I should feature on Urban Gypzy, let me know in the comments and I will do my best to look into the artist and feature their work, because its my passion.