Art and Photography by Stephanie

2017-09-06 06.44.592017-09-05 00.45.172017-09-06 06.41.082017-09-04 18.34.202017-09-04 18.33.02I  have a tendency to sketch on anything, in between writing poetry and such. I want to become a better artist, and more importantly, I want to know as much as I can about other artists and new types of art. I collect whatever I can get my hands on for inspiration. On sleepy Sundays or in the middle of the week, its therapeutic for me to have some art therapy.


Living in the Twin Cities I am always very intrigued by the landscape.  In my opin on, the Twin Cities in many ways is a photographers dream, an artists dream, and an architect’s vision board. The buildings, businesses and people make walking and interacting in the cities so much more fulfilling. Notice how I do not narrow  down to just Minneapolis and St. Paul, there is so much even in between the major cities.  My favorite places to take pictures are the places that give the most amazing shots, but the image itself is up to me.

The Mears Park, Lowertown St. Paul

IMG_20151226_091220 (2)

Tulips and Sunshine, St. Paul, MN


Lotus mixed media

IMG_20150423_114401 (3) Downtown MinneapolisDSCN0113 (5)DSCN0104 (2)IMG_20151223_104714312

Uneventful Christmas 2015


Color Theory mixed media


Franklin Ave, Minneapolis South

DSCN0115 (2)

Haute Look, mixed media

IMG_20151110_065019 (2)

Western Ave Station, St. Paul, MN

IMG_20141123_201200 (2)

Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN

366 (2)

Condensation, 2015

20170301_132802 (2)

Downtown, Minneapolis

IMG_20150910_073003697_HDR (2)

Government Center Station, Minneapolis

IMG_20150420_085031 (2)

Downtown St. Paul



lockscreen_wallpaper (2)

Rauda the beautiful


Lake Harriet