SNOW STORMY NIGHTS..CHILLING WITH THE Brewers Change Collaborative 3/31/2023

The founders of BCC are:

Elle Rhodes, Ramsey Louder, Nasreen Sajady

Brewing Change Collaborative

Chilling with the BCC for their 4th anniversary at the Arbeitor Brewing. I was invited by Anthony Jennings* one of the Trio from the Black Brewers Podcast to get to know the BCC community, and to understand how they play a very significant role in the Brewing world with people of color.

My experience was great! Immediately I was introduced to the founders, and added my name to the Black book. Admittedly, I was having a challenging week, and thought why not go celebrate would good people? So I jumped at the opportunity.

I met some first timers like myself. One of the founders introduced me to a trio that I unknowingly would chill with for most of the night.

Denise, Panra, and Denise’s partner who was no doubt the star of the show, I have to do some research to find her name.

The group all together was a fun bunch. The way I learned how they support each other and push each other forward. I was told about fieldtrips and retreats that they go on together, as well as how they open of doors to access, in spaces that traditionally don’t have a lot of people of color represented. They are an awesome non profit that provides a place to feel accepted and protected, and they immediately made me feel welcome.

Please get to know these amazing people, look them up, follow them, and if this sounds perfect for you, join them.

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