Lately  I have been trying to develop myself as in artist. With so many social media platforms to present your work, it seems that an artist may need a personal assistant to manage accounts, do research, and help to execute the vision. In other words it is a full time life instead of a full time job. The money it requires to purchase paints and canvasses, the deposits on spaces, the investment in a wardrobe. It all seemed to be very much a process. I have the nerve to want to paint, dance and perform. In this amazing era I hope to work with other artists to help the Twin Cities to just shine. There is so much talent in this state, so many local black artist that are not aware of the opportunities. Resources are not as transparent or as easy to navigate for artists, and that is strange because Minnesota is an art rich state. Entertainment and the Arts are two separate genre’s that should not be treated the same. One is commerce the other culture, it is not to say that one can not enhance the other, it just to emphasis that their importance to the community is different. Lately, I have witnessed clubs, bars and other lounge type atmosphere benefit from local bands, and open mics. This creates diversity in being a creative, but i think that without some kind of public facility like a library for artist to develop working concepts without going broke, only the more “to do”, artist will have the opportunities. With the era of social media it is easier for artist to simply stay home and create works privately to distributed widely. With my love of community while I feel like social media is certainly necessary exposure, I sure hope that the local community can see the benefit of having artist support for artist of color here to nurtured and promoted in their own home town, this will no doubt take a group effort.

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