Style and Sophistication

When did they teach us that we didn’t need sophistication to win the day? Did we actually believe them?

Icons are not created, they are born, because it takes authenticity to break through the monotony. The more I scroll on social media outlet’s looking for inspiration to consolidate, I notice the images woman of color have become abrasive, and not a true representation as the way I see myself as a copper-colored woman with a long history, most of it hidden. As we are only looking at the tip of the iceberg. I hope to do lots of unpacking, but for now, let’s just let that marinate.

Men with character, perseverance and determination paved the way, no matter what we think, in this current generation.

So many untold stories locked in the crate, because it provides an image most are searching for, but stuck with the same old tales, most historically untrue.

The attack on our fathers and our sons was an attack on our foundation. We need them to see this and embrace their importance daily.

Expression of love, has been under attack, normalizing trauma responses, and not discussing healing from ailments that came with having to fit into boxes that were not meant for any God-fearing human. I pray for the unification of the family, and to heal from generational trauma inflicted upon us by a Narcissistic society.

The strength and resiliency, that in this modern era, is being replaced by dolls, with accessories, marketing and celebrity, with no real culture or purpose, but to be appealing. Tone deaf at best

They say if you educate a man, you teach a person, but if you educate a girl, you teach a generation. Must be why girls, and ladies have been systematically oppressed all over the world, but I feel the winds of change.

Stay in love, not just for the moment, but for generations to come.

Thank you for joining me, until next time.

The September Switch 2022

Well welcome, it has been a while, but hopefully this hits right on time💯

The September mood is inspired by none other than change, as the temperature cools, and the first layer has now a second layer, warm drinks,soups and teas. The need to burrow in, or at least make plans to. Here in Minneapolis, one of many places in Minnesota, we are beholden to this dance, so dance with me as we prepare.

First thing first, I would like to give honor to God, and his Son Jesus who is the Lord and Savior of my life. There is no other way for me, I truly love the Lord with all my heart.

So the idea is to inspire His people both near and far, because we are living in days once foretold, but never before once seen. Keep the faith all who reads this, God’s got the whole world in his hands. Amen!

Shifting Gears…

There things to cover this month one of the first topics that I became aware of at an Industry Mixer here in Minneapolis that promoted diversity film, was about the upcoming Whitney Movie. Well I’m sure the actress will be great and the film will be chronologically accurate. However, we only got one Whitney, and she wasn’t treated very well before her passing. I think we all still need a moment. It’s the audacity for me. In the memory of the queen Whitney Elizabeth Houston.

And since we are here…

Janet, Miss Jackson, if your nasty..

Whitney, and Janet, not to mention Mariah, Anita Baker, Sade, Cherelle, Shirley Ceasar, John Pee Kee and countless others made my childhood amazing. I certainly did not have to look far for  influences. Cosby, and what would to be the plethora of content for people color and the world became a better place for it.80’s babies were spoiled rotten, and the artist where not all hype but mega, and super. I can talk about ,Micheal Jackson, Prince, Troop, so many… I am aure you all get the picture. Life and times were Flava, and the one star that was a trendsetter across many mediums and continues to do so is Janet Jackson.

I could elaborate but do I have to? I would say not. Look her up, and then see why their can only be copies of an original..

Switch to Change…


Up is the Little Mermaid whole conversation that after what I just presented boggles my mind.

Unpopular opinion, we don’t need other stories to feel empowered we have plenty of culturally relevant stories of our own. As a storyteller I so wonder why we as a people get behind big corporate giants with a history of misreprentation and think it’s going to work out? There are other creatives in the space of storytelling that can present their own works without ruffling feathers. Virality on the internet is best controversy and vice versa.

Moving on…

Fall inspires the cozy, warm comforts of the seasons. It’s good for long wonderful conversations, great drinks and amazing food. Chilies, ClamWin Chowders, the hot dishes, and pastas all come to mind to help anticipate the mood of the season. As the season has officially changed. I have a few ideas.

Good food can not be beat, and once you have created a wonderful menu, you can find the ingredients, put it together, and the wonderful smells will waft through you home, and you will see the benefits of saving money, and eating well at the sametime.

Headlines, and Updates

The society slumbers while the world is at war. I wondered why things like Chloe Baily being caste as Aerial, or Nina Long being cheated on, or Nick Cannons child farm, or even challenges featured on local social media platforms, gain so much attention.

More to come until next time. Stay tuned for Fall styles, design, decor, and fashion inspirations.

Twilight…A poem

Dreams can be hard to decipher at night, few things become crystal clear. Monitoring my feelings with mood music to attract space to spin into, with a most innovative dance moves, a mind scape with the theatrical color of the cosmos before me.

Singer sings the story as my heart pours out before me. I observe, light and sound as if seeing them for the first time. The dandelion on the ground, the leaves in flight

Numb to speak words of my own I walk with music, the poetry stays silent unless the singer has something to say.

My little red boat and me contemplating the irony of having no where to go..but some where is meant for me…Angel Grant singing with the keys to the door to unlock all my emotion.

A tear drop can turn into an ocean..No matter cause, nothing’s changed and everything is as it was.

Culture Clash and the Rise of Propaganda 2022

In this day in age, it is hard to get one’s bearings, practice self love, render healthy love to others, or be a constructive and critical thinker in this era, of “say this, not that”. I have watched people have their platforms taken down, while it turns out, that they were right all along. The American right to Freedom of speech has gone uncriticized to a privileged few, while others lose everything they worked for and are banished to the nether regions of the internet.

Some may notice, most may not, because there is an influx of distractions, bad news, more virus’, and an overwhelming amount of scamming around just about every corner. The marketing to create a sense of something purely made up, to sell to the consumer.

Let’s talk about the consumer, the folks like you and me who pay more for basic items due to the inflation, the one who has not only worry about the pandemic that has been inconsistent, and decisive at best, each year, or even every couple of months there is a new unnatural disease or virus that emerges, with companies clamoring to find a way to profit off of the suffering and uncertainty of its people.

This is not only ironic, it’s the world we are living in where culture is at, everyone just wants to go viral, be famous, a millionaire, or just boast their friends. Vanity in most cases makes it easy not see what is really going on in the world.

If you post the wrong thing, or scripture or anything that is not the propaganda, you will have low engagement and very soon your platform may seem to be invisible.

There is a “why”, but it really doesn’t matter, there are more of us who like to see ourselves living our best life, then to think to critically about our surroundings. The problem is us, we have grown lazy with our priviledge of having constitutional rights, knowing what those rights are, challenging things legally, and allowing elected officials dictator abilities for the sake of pseudo safety.

Do you feel more or less safe?

This essay is a reflection of journalism that points out that speaking out of turn is sometimes necessary to stop the mind breaking, soul snatching, which has become normalized.

Everything is upside, downside, illusional disillusionment, I pray everyone stay motivated towards being good to yourself and others, as well as have true conversations that matter.

Thank you for joining me, until next time.

Mood 2022 Summer’s End

This season is inspired by the heat, because the temperature is rising. Whether with regard to the weather, or just the over all climate of this new era, it is hard to walk past the onslaught of the “clutch the pearls” moments that seem to be endless.

On the most positive side, all praises be to God, He is still in control. God has the whole world in his hands.

I pray that you all find this post both well and blessed. Keep praying, striving and thriving my Gypzy family.

This is a mood and you know what we do here, we give inspiration in words, style and art. Inspired by the moment and appreciating the present in ways that embrace us back.

The mood is for dreamers, lovers and warriors. For the absolute cool in everyone of you.

Mood Style!

The old is new again, as we see that everything is inflating, and the buck does not stretch as far as it used too. It important to make sure to invest in good food and your health, and make the most out of what you have. Also saving for a rainy day


Cityscapes 🌆


What is this world coming to…We are all in this together.🙏🏾

Excess brings more stress!

Curls for the Girls!

Why wait to live a beautiful life?

Style by the Pound💝

Dress to Impress!

Style can be flowy, light and travel ready, I have a few ideas…

Thank you so much for joining me, on this Mood Style, and current events post. This summer has been so eventful. More to come, and a I pray this finds you well.🙏🏾

Summer In The City🌻🍸

June was a month so jammed packed with events, get together, dinners, and escapes, it was really challenging to stay up on blogging, while having a great time.

I realized early, that internet influencers who tirelessly go to events, a lot of the time at their own expense pay a pretty price to do so.

That was not my motivation necessarily, I did want to see what my beloved Twin Cites had to offer, as the weather heated up, and the events piled there was no shortage on things to do.

The first event was The White Out! Hosted by a black owned realty company in the Twin Cities. I was invited by my sister, owner of Exquisite by Me Designs, and we had a fabulous time darling.

My cousin Lashonda also joined us in style.

There was a slight drawback at the restaurant before we got upstairs to the event. However it didn’t put too much of a damper on the evening and we still all had an amazing time. After all of the fuss to find white, we did find later on that color crashed the party, and that’s what color does, so moving on..Lol

Family fun.

I have a whole grand nephew and we celebrated his first birthday as a family. I was so tired from the White out affair, but my sister Georgia was not hearing me, and I’m so glad I went. We all we able to wish our sweet Elijah, a happy birthday!

The next event was another Toussaint Morrison event. I am such a fan and I personally love the band scene that I have been in lately. I can always not only see Touissaint and the Blend, Damascus was an artist amongst others at Palmer’s Bar. It was a incredible show. Let’s talk all about it!

The featured bands were awesome and they started off the nights performances. Palmers has a great out door seating area, the event was pretty much full when we arrived. Touissaint and the blend brought the house down with a brass band that played Louisiana style surrounded by the audience. It was electrifying to say the least.

The closing of the Boiler Room Coffee Shop

I remember when I was a substitute para-professional in 2018, and I came across the Boiler Room, I was so desperate for coffee that day. I remember meeting the owner Michael, and he told me how his coffee shop supported local artist works.

I have since gone back several times.

Recently with the pandemic and inflation effects on coffee prices, the cafe had taken many hits. It was a community staple where you can see regulars having a casual conversation outside for hours, you can join them, or sit alone. My favorite was there veggie wraps. Now Steven’s Community seems like it’s missing a big piece of itself. The staff was diverse and friendly. I wish everybody well. Thank goodness we still have our memories!

Afro Punk

I did need a while to process this event. In my very humble opinion lacked more luster then a little bit. It was hot, with may 5 vendors and perhaps 2 solid food options, one waselites, or a corn on a stick or bowl.

The bar was long, but there was only two bartenders max. Everything felt like survival, and for the price,I truly felt that the event was over hyped and that’s all I have to say about that.

Juneteenth 2022

The theme of the day was Juneteenth, I grew up going to Juneteenth in North Minneapolis, it is always a community centered event. Afro Fest used the name, and omitted the cultural, I didn’t appreciate that either.

I also very briefly attended another event across the water in St. Paul.

I am trying to remember the name of the brewery that hosted the event, but can’t at the moment

I ran into Illism, a local group from Minneapolis, they are an inspiring couple that has opened up an event space. I really need to go, here are some pics from the night.

The next event was The Minnesota Black Music Awards, hosted by Lisa Moy, and brought to us by Charlie Rhodes and family. It was the 40th annual event and I was invited by the sound engineer Stuart, and I had such a lovely time.

What occured.

Black Music Awards 40th Annual
Pete Rhodes Kim Rhodes and family
Hosted by Lisa Moy

Catered by:

Spider Hamilton
Bianca Rhodes
Ron Bynum

Live show 4 events
Paster Dr. Chavez Russell
Minneapolis mayor commented on black music awards

“Where as”
Jacob Frey proclaimed June 22nd MN Black music streamed on Xfinity and Black music America

Started in 1982

Hyatt Eddie Robinson sang the black national anthem

Invited by Stuart the electrical engineer

Ryan Bynum
Tribute to Prince

Personally, it was an awesome experience. More to Come!

June Mood Style 2022

It’s starting to feel like summer.

This mood for June is inspired by GDB.arts. I too was a young girl inspired by Lisa Frank. I had the trapper keeper and folders….given my age away. I love pink, and the ethereal fantasy was dreamy in every way.

When I found GDB.arts the owner returned, the storyteller in me came alive. I had to share the work of this artist, I am such a fan.

Speaking about the ethereal and dreamy places and places, this mood is also inspired by wonderment. To feel the need to explore, and enjoy each discovery. It’s also event season, and when I do my photo dump, via the Camera Roll feature, along with upcoming blogs, I will both show and tell.

What is at the top of the of the list.

Food, from recipes to restaurants. Style, because with all these things to do, one has to get dressed, and serve looks. Decor with plants, plants and more plants. Flowers, because its blooming season. Words, because words are power, wisdom, because it’s worth more than gold.

Events about town…

Style inspiration are easy, breezy but ready for whatever. Get into it!

Ready to wear and green places and spaces, are the the mood, and the vibe for morning, afternoon and night.

Food for thought, you are what you eat.

Bring food inspiration to motivate great healthy choices, to create a great healthy you!

My first poet name, one of many.

I remember when I was young Como Park was a regular destination. It deserves it’s due, and I appreciate it.

Floral inspired, bloom with the season!

Thank you for joining me, until next time. Stay prayed up!

May Flowers 2022

MAY MOOD Style 2022

May, what a month indeed!

From school shootings to monkey pocs, this mental health month has been no doubt a challenge to get through.

Overwhelmingly so, tax season has definitely humbled me, this month has required a very tight budget, and creative ways of having a great time close to home, because one still must live life right?

I have started making lists at the top of the day, to work on throughout the day to stay productive. It helps.

Money savers have been
Only eat out once a pay period
Make 21 meals a week, and plan them based on what I already have.
Cut out pricey indulgences like salmon, stuffed mushrooms, gourmet coffee, etc

Attend free events and pack snacks.
The bus, is still an efficient form of transportation.

Realize this won’t last forever, and set backs don’t define me, they make me wiser.

Staying connected to my loved ones by sending messages and staying present even when I go into my own world i.e my creative space.


Art-A-Whirl featuring 2 bands I had the pleasure to see.

TOUSSAINT MORRISON featured with the Blend AND BLACK VELVET PUNK at the 331 Club in Northeast Minneapolis

Black Velvet Punk
Toussaint Morrison and the Blend

The mood style is inspired by soul music, times don’t change much, and it shows when listening to music from a bygone era, that is still very much relevant today.

This season when it comes to style simplicity and comfort- Song Girl from Iponema

Marvin Gaye, The O’Jays, the Commodores and so may others made the music that are perfect snapshots of our modern day reality.

For the Foodie in you!

Embracing the beauty in simplicity.

I thank you for walking through this May Mood Style with me. Until next time.

Fashion Week MN 2022

MN Fashion week show hosted by QeBella Designs at the Whim , Minneapolis, MN

Before attending the events for MN fashion week, I polled co-workers, lift car drivers and random passersby to see what the overall view of what a fashion week could look like in MN

I spent months watching street style videos, and my favorite bloggers attending larger scale fashion weeks in both Paris and Milan, I noticed that whether a person went inside the events or not, even the mood on the street was a mood for fashion, style and design and I was very excited to see what MN has to offer.

Qe’Bella Designs at the Whim, Minneapolis

My sister and I attended 2 events total, as we found it does take a budget of sorts even if you live in the city to attend. Qe’Bella’s event did not disappoint, there were several designers and the clothes varied from Afro chic, to the risque. What was also adorable kids run way show that also occured.

The event space was beautiful, the people came to be seen, and it was packed with limited seating, either that or the turnout was way bigger than was expected. I spent a lot of the evening giving compliments to the style expression that were on  display.

I did get lots of footage, and may show it on a future post, however due to technical issues, I was unfortunately only able to provide the above pictures.

Martin Patrick 3

The next event was free,  but surprisingly amazing…

Martin Patrick 3 is located in Warehouse District in Minneapolis near downtown.

High end, and very much dedicated to luxury brands, this destination spot has a business model that won’t quit.

We had the best time and were given a personal tour by one of the buyers, pr curators of the amazing options, that are both one of a kind, and exclusive. Martin Patrick 3 hosted a Cocktails and Coversation event, and it was truly diverse in every way.

My sister and I had a lengthy conversation with one of the two owners, who from what we came to know authored to concept that from the building, designing and wardrobe experience, they are a one stop shop.

If you ever get a chance to visit, you won’t be disappointed.

By the end of the night my files were full on all devices. I had to relaxed and enjoy the end of the evening at The Icehouse, the jambalaya and cocktails were an amazing way to end the night.