My Introduction to Hip-Hop

The story about Hip-Hop for me, started when my big brother got a Plublic Enemy Clock necklace for his 12th birthday.

My twin Stephen and I are the last born, 7 years younger then Jathan.

My Mom got him that watch. When she did that that was giving him a golden chalice at that point, but to Stephen and me, he became a legend.

Later, we would join band, when we were in 4th grade we saw his name signature on the drums drawn in pencil. 7 years later. 

We consumed anything Jathan loved. 

Hip-Hop was at its prime and he and his friends, who are friends until this day. They were the ones we go to parks to see to play ball.

Hip-hop didn’t yet outrun soul music, it was peppering, and only solid tunes.

My sister Anita plastered our walls with images from Word Up and Right On magazines. I wanted a pretty princess room. But my 2 older sisters were town boys, at the time, fighting boys. My oldest sister Tiffany the “it” girl, and name is like the blue box.


Like growing up with cousin brothers and sisters, living and growing together until teenhood hit. The musical landscape of the 90’s and 2000 to play in the background in surround sound.

My relationship with Hip hop is and has always been vibrational. I come from amazing people so I look for the soul. And the spirit if I can’t hear it, I won’t venture, no.

I’m so proud of my Mom, she could’ve let this world push her down. But she slayed gracefully in Jesus name. As a black woman, the win is when your Mothers testimony, helps you win. It’s bigger then Hip-hop. But really it all started with the Public Enemy Clock necklace.

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