Thursday Grind…Caribou Coffee before work. Bank @Westin Minneapolis after work…Day to Night

The started off simple, just another day in Minneapolis. However I work hard, and play after, but as a blogger play is work, to stay organized. After the day was over Thursday, I decided to give BANK at the Westin Minneapolis a try. Why? I will show you.

So I went and the architecture and style walked me all the way in to wonderful dining experience.

I met a gentleman from Chicago named Doug. We talked about that great city, and a lot of the challenges that Chicago, our cousin city has been having from everything from commerce to crime. I pray for Chicago, and Philly, they have brilliant and talented people within the cruxed of both of the cities. It seems to me as if what is really going on is greatly suppressed.

None the less Doug was headed back to Chicago, and gave me an open invitation to visit. Amazing people are amazing!

Here are the rest of the pictures from the night.

As the evening concluded, I left the Emerald City of Downtown Minneapolis, and headed home to start editing and posting the day.Un

Thank you for joining me, until next time!

3 thoughts on “Thursday Grind…Caribou Coffee before work. Bank @Westin Minneapolis after work…Day to Night

  1. This makes me wish that we’d taken a selfie together at The Bank – you were gleaming of smiles and elegance that memorable encounter. Cheers to the Bank!

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