The Pre Spring Scene 2023

After all the snow storms and inclimate weather that prevents us from going outside and living our best lives, we sit and wait patiently for the emergence of Spring

I can tell most are ready to bloom, but in this time of preparation we can assess our roots, and water ourselves as needed.

No need to rush, with God’s grace we will get there until then self care anyone?

The positive change I decided to make in my life is getting a life coach. I have so many things that I want to do, but lately it has been hard to stay motivated towards my dreams, and with the weather in Minneapolis cold as ever, the winter blues has me feeling sluggish, but I can’t get sluggish, instead I have to show up for myself, stay in polish, prayer, and say my daily affirmation to be what I believe.

Easier said than done, but after some soul searching I realized that the feeling of rejection started to affect the way I approached my own creative projects, the way I present myself when I am out, oh, and being open to love, is not easy for me these days.

I want to fall in love with my life, possibilities, and the person God made me to be. I want to stand in myself so confidently, that it resonates and inspires others to do the same. I am on a mission.

This year I wanted to feature Whitley Gilbert aka Jasmine guy. When I was growing up she was such a vibe and mood infinity. Check out the examples below, if you want to see what I mean

Books, inspired by writers.

There are books, and writers to get to know, as we approach the changing of the season, but sill in waiting check out the writings in the books featured below

So with that said, as per usual, I have style ideas that will prime you for Spring to help you pull out that Spring clothes box from storage, so you can ready your wardrobe. Winter can’t last forever

The season change is upon us, no matter what it looks like out there. I appreciate your time today, and hope that you stick around on this journey to both self care and self discovery. Until next time!

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