May Flowers 2022

MAY MOOD Style 2022

May, what a month indeed!

From school shootings to monkey pocs, this mental health month has been no doubt a challenge to get through.

Overwhelmingly so, tax season has definitely humbled me, this month has required a very tight budget, and creative ways of having a great time close to home, because one still must live life right?

I have started making lists at the top of the day, to work on throughout the day to stay productive. It helps.

Money savers have been
Only eat out once a pay period
Make 21 meals a week, and plan them based on what I already have.
Cut out pricey indulgences like salmon, stuffed mushrooms, gourmet coffee, etc

Attend free events and pack snacks.
The bus, is still an efficient form of transportation.

Realize this won’t last forever, and set backs don’t define me, they make me wiser.

Staying connected to my loved ones by sending messages and staying present even when I go into my own world i.e my creative space.


Art-A-Whirl featuring 2 bands I had the pleasure to see.

TOUSSAINT MORRISON featured with the Blend AND BLACK VELVET PUNK at the 331 Club in Northeast Minneapolis

Black Velvet Punk
Toussaint Morrison and the Blend

The mood style is inspired by soul music, times don’t change much, and it shows when listening to music from a bygone era, that is still very much relevant today.

This season when it comes to style simplicity and comfort- Song Girl from Iponema

Marvin Gaye, The O’Jays, the Commodores and so may others made the music that are perfect snapshots of our modern day reality.

For the Foodie in you!

Embracing the beauty in simplicity.

I thank you for walking through this May Mood Style with me. Until next time.

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