June Mood Style 2022

It’s starting to feel like summer.

This mood for June is inspired by GDB.arts. I too was a young girl inspired by Lisa Frank. I had the trapper keeper and folders….given my age away. I love pink, and the ethereal fantasy was dreamy in every way.

When I found GDB.arts the owner returned, the storyteller in me came alive. I had to share the work of this artist, I am such a fan.

Speaking about the ethereal and dreamy places and places, this mood is also inspired by wonderment. To feel the need to explore, and enjoy each discovery. It’s also event season, and when I do my photo dump, via the Camera Roll feature, along with upcoming blogs, I will both show and tell.

What is at the top of the of the list.

Food, from recipes to restaurants. Style, because with all these things to do, one has to get dressed, and serve looks. Decor with plants, plants and more plants. Flowers, because its blooming season. Words, because words are power, wisdom, because it’s worth more than gold.

Events about town…

Style inspiration are easy, breezy but ready for whatever. Get into it!

Ready to wear and green places and spaces, are the the mood, and the vibe for morning, afternoon and night.

Food for thought, you are what you eat.

Bring food inspiration to motivate great healthy choices, to create a great healthy you!

My first poet name, one of many.

I remember when I was young Como Park was a regular destination. It deserves it’s due, and I appreciate it.

Floral inspired, bloom with the season!

Thank you for joining me, until next time. Stay prayed up!

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