Fashion Week MN 2022

MN Fashion week show hosted by QeBella Designs at the Whim , Minneapolis, MN

Before attending the events for MN fashion week, I polled co-workers, lift car drivers and random passersby to see what the overall view of what a fashion week could look like in MN

I spent months watching street style videos, and my favorite bloggers attending larger scale fashion weeks in both Paris and Milan, I noticed that whether a person went inside the events or not, even the mood on the street was a mood for fashion, style and design and I was very excited to see what MN has to offer.

Qe’Bella Designs at the Whim, Minneapolis

My sister and I attended 2 events total, as we found it does take a budget of sorts even if you live in the city to attend. Qe’Bella’s event did not disappoint, there were several designers and the clothes varied from Afro chic, to the risque. What was also adorable kids run way show that also occured.

The event space was beautiful, the people came to be seen, and it was packed with limited seating, either that or the turnout was way bigger than was expected. I spent a lot of the evening giving compliments to the style expression that were on  display.

I did get lots of footage, and may show it on a future post, however due to technical issues, I was unfortunately only able to provide the above pictures.

Martin Patrick 3

The next event was free,  but surprisingly amazing…

Martin Patrick 3 is located in Warehouse District in Minneapolis near downtown.

High end, and very much dedicated to luxury brands, this destination spot has a business model that won’t quit.

We had the best time and were given a personal tour by one of the buyers, pr curators of the amazing options, that are both one of a kind, and exclusive. Martin Patrick 3 hosted a Cocktails and Coversation event, and it was truly diverse in every way.

My sister and I had a lengthy conversation with one of the two owners, who from what we came to know authored to concept that from the building, designing and wardrobe experience, they are a one stop shop.

If you ever get a chance to visit, you won’t be disappointed.

By the end of the night my files were full on all devices. I had to relaxed and enjoy the end of the evening at The Icehouse, the jambalaya and cocktails were an amazing way to end the night.

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