Cafe Zora Introducing Zora

Café Zora

By Stephanie Mann

First Impressions

The day arrived with snow tipping the tops of houses, drifting on roads, blowing off the side of buildings and cars. The holidays were approaching quickly. I watched from the train, the dancing of the snowflakes in the chill of the air.

 I was fully wrapped up in anticipation for the season, while drifting away with the beauty of the lights strewn across light poles, I noticed a young woman out of the corner of my eye. She was in her mid to early 30’ and appeared to be very tired. Her shoes were tattered and worn looking. I was startled by the fact that she would be out in the cold alone.

She then turned and headed toward the door to get off, something, I could not say what, moved me to follow her, realizing that I had a lunch I just purchased in my bag, I thought that perhaps she would like it.  She walked very fast so much so that I had a difficulty keeping up with her. She walked across a high bridge towards an abandoned building that looked condemned. I watched her as she crouched down by a basement window and got lost behind the darkness and the broken glass.

I stood, posted up by a parked car for a awhile. Before I knew it, darkness was on its way, the streetlights glimmered off the windows of cars, that seem to be plentiful the area. I did not know why, but for some reason, I could not move, not even to help myself into some place warm.

 Plenty people come here in search of life unlike the ones that they were use to complete with monsters and ghost. I’ve known of a few ghosts; monsters were pretty much at bay here.

 She was young in fact; I rejected the idea that this that I was standing by was where she lived. I could not tell you how long I stood there when I finally realized that she was most likely in for the night. I decided to leave the bag with the sandwich at the top of the stoop of the building. I wrapped it up with a note that read “for you who deserves much more than what you got”.

Introducing Zora

After that I turned around and decided to leave. “Good thing you can eat a sandwich cold” I thought as I walked away. Just as I was leaving, I saw her again, she was standing by the same car that I was posted by as I was watching here disappear inside the condemned building.

She startled me! In fact it seemed as if she had simply appeared in front of me as I did not anticipate her to the least. “Is this for me?” she said, as she walked towards me…

More to come. Stay tuned!

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