@ The 331 Club.

Let’s Rock!

I must say to begin, this is my first official time delving in entertainment writing. This night that I am about to introduce to you was both awesome and surreal at the same time.

The background: The event was a celebration of the release of a new project: Social Science Club. Introducing all black headliners {The other artists were Lewiee Blaze and Channah Roseann.}. The album brought the band together and the project had taken 2 years, but on Nov. 26, 2021, all the hard work was going to pay off in spades.

Toussaint, whom I have most recently come to know is more than just a handsome face, to be honest, he is quite the renaissance man. You can check him out @TOUSSAINTMORRISON on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, YouTube, you name it.

To continue, I have been a fan since Lady and the Vamp appeared on my YouTube timeline.

Incidentally, in 2017, I reached out to Toussaint, as an artist, prior to producing my show Sketches in Blue. He gave me sound advice on how to properly execute my show, and I will be forever grateful. He did not have to take the time to do that.

So of course! I was going to show up to check out his show, and make sure that Urban Gypzy was along for the ride, so thank you for joining me.


To begin, the night started off quite dramatic for me personally, as I start early, and in terms of efficiency. My “things to do” usually wraps up circa 9pm, so a 10pm show, I was like, “I better take a nap”, lol.

When I finally was ready to go, several things went wrong, but I decided that I did not want to be corny all my life. So I went.

Literally that very day the new varient’s name came across the screen, my anxiety was through the roof when I walked in to a very packed Historic 331 Club. The band was already playing, as I was late, but the crowd was so thick, it was so cold outside, there was nothing else to do, but have a hot tottie and enjoy the show.

Shout out to the Bartender and the security guard, a brother who let me have his stool at the very back of the club, because there was enough space back there for me to focus, and capture what I came to capture.

The Band

Everyone knew the assignment and the show was seamless. Their was a partnership amongst the band. The level of musical expertise, it showed in the swag of performance. Can I say they kept the crowd moving and that is not easy to do, in this era where live music is so hard to find.

Crowd Participation

If an artist ever approaches the stage, the one thing that can be hoped for, in whatever era one is from, is that the crowd would show you love for all your hard work.

Without question the crowd came to party, and there was a blending of young and old. Minneapolis definitely was making a statement in the diversity of the crowd. May I also comment on the kindness and respect that was shown to me personally, as I tried very hard to get through the thick concentration of people, several times throughout the night. None the less, the good time that I had, came from the kindness of others from what I remember…Also that the people were ready to rock and roll with the show.

Well I can’t explain everything, but..

The Excitement!

Live music during these very Twilight Zoney times, is definitely salve for the soul, it felt good to see so many people have a good time. The mood was great, and the crowd knew the songs, and show loved to all the artist that performed that night. It was quite the showcase.

The Lead

You have to be a showman to stand before a band like that. The accompaniment was so cold, truly, I love musicians, the artistry to see up close. If I ever pay for a show, that would be the least that would be required, but the show was free.

The moral to the story is, I showed up and had a great time in the era, where a great time is hard to find.

I hope you had as much fun as I did, reading this blog. As always, thanks for joining me, and more to come!

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