Mood Style 11/2021

Style inspired by Frank Morrison’s Japanisme

Black artist have served around the world, and are archived within the art history of said culture’s. Whether ancient or modern era, the display in the gift of story telling is always apparent, giving us a sense of historical conscious, and context. More to come..

Frank Morrison is such an artist, his work is so popular, that chances are that you have viewed one of his pieces, but was just unaware that you had.

He has a graffiti era essence, that often deals in contrast with urban environments. You can actually hear music in his brush strokes, and the sway of his character’s, as if they are appearing to you in a dream.

Leave a comment down below if you see the melody in this piece.

Cozy Inside..

To decorate, whether a little or a lot, take the time to cozy your space for the season, so that it can receive you in grand style.

Dance, but do so gloriously..

When I was a little girl I remember watching the nutcracker every year, whether in a play, as school fieldtrip, or the seasonal show that comes on regular T.V every year, I always loved the brilliance of the performance. All these years later, I still love the discipline and grace. I want to buy ice skates, roller-skates, and I don’t believe that Point is out of the question. As a new year approaching, new goals are on the table.

I remember being a little girl just dreaming of what my life would be as an adult. I was totally into Barbie, so I wanted to own everything, it had taken years well into adulthood when you learn that type of real diligence that it takes to live your dreams. The type of dedication and commitment to the vison that it takes, whether people support or not. It has to be about the love of it. As a women either we do the work, or we become victims of circumstance. We all have choices, and none of them are easy.

A Lyft driver told me this one time, that he was in a relationship but had to let it go. because his partner was in love with a version of him from a different era of his life, and that he had since returned to himself. and the real him conflicted his current circumstance. Trauma Bond, was the first thing that came to mind.

In this era healing, it will be necessary to let go of the things that refuse to grow with you. The price you pay for wellness, is letting go of the sickness..

Mood all the time, to bring the outside inside, and learn to nurture it. I have always loved plants and wanted to live in a jungalow apartment, however as I am developing my plant personality, and assessing my living space, I am learning to save money by investing in plants that I can actually realistically care for, not just my dreams of platantopia, that becomes to much for me to manage.

Minnesotan’s, and those that live in states where temparature can and will go negative, we know how to live in it, and most don’t understand. The season invites us to do several things at once and is so needed, that if we did not have it, it would affect us as much as losing summer, why?

  1. Time to hustle and stack your coin. -Winter provides the best incentive to find some business..
  2. Create a cozy space. -This is both great for your mental health, as well as economical. We spent a large percentage of our income on where we live, during the cold season, it is wise to get practical, save by staying in.
  3. Holiday season- Time with the family, days to relax, and days to prepare, balance is key.
  4. Since it’s also an expensive time of year , it is a great time to make use ot of what you have, the thing that you thought you needed so desperately, that is now collecting dust, find time to use it..
  5. Gear Up- and don’t go cheap. If you dress well you will appreciate the inevitable change of the season later.

Style is and will always be important, I have a few ideas of what may be inspiring this season.

EYES, LIPS, Nails and HAIR

Novelty November Style

Mood Trends for the season

Foodie Fantastic!

Cod, Chickpea, rice and spinach delight.

This season it will be easy to indulge in all the culinary delights, that at time can give us the feeling of being stuffed, over fed, and often regretful. There are ways to work more electric foods that come with nutrients to assist in giving you more energy. This can be most helpful in the hustle and bustle that comes with the territory.

Girlie and Divine

There are the touches that add to the feminine allure. The details that are found in ornate pairings. This is the era were the old is new again, and sophistication can be again displayed with everyday items.
And that was really just the beginning, since she has been featured on Project Runway, has published a book and now encourages writers and creatives to stay focused on their goals. There is so much that comes with being the main editor for an international magazine that caters to teen agers in a new and emerging market that has boomed into several digital platforms. How does one stay consistent, yet know in what direction to grow at the same time. I would think with all the changes in fashion from the blogger, vlogger. to influencer, the landscape is vastly different today, then it was even a few years ago, in this case Miss Elaine is the expert that can add value to any brand, including her own.

Thank you so much for joining me for the mood inspiration that is November. So much more to come, until next time.

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