November Solace 2021

Why some are so afraid to be alone, must be the same reason that makes them scared to fly.

There is a price that comes with freedom and independence. The price is the time you get to invest back into yourself, with no one to blame but yourself. A priviledge few will ever know; but to the dreamers an all to real truth, that is what it is.

Back in my youth I had a job but I spent money like it was was water; if it wasn’t, it should have been.

My Dad told me “Marry rich, or invent something everyone will need”, because he didn’t know how else I would make it. I can laugh at his humor now, full grown and I realize, eureka! It’s not about how much you make, but how much you keep, or invest.

It’s a princess story, of clothes, things, trips, shopping and showing up, isn’t it. We gain so much stuff, then becomes bags of laundry, we can’t travel for a living because everything costs. To make a life requires a budget and a plan, after 20, all bets are off one must adult at all cost.

I thought about minimalism, not to not have, but to have with intention, to go back to childhood and re-discpline myself. To be honest I spent 4 years curating a wardrobe that had lasting power. I’m me all the time,so my fit had to be quality.

I dont shop so much now, may be art, plants and vintage books. I know what thrills me, my goals, I have to leave space in my pockets for investing in myself.

Spending time with my projects and working on things that I create is amazing. So many artist working on their works, publishing, pressing, producing, who has time to idle in a store, when people are awaiting our gifts..I have to pep talk myself into my dreams, because no one can see them, like I can…

Beauty starts within, but first clear your head of capitalism and live free again, in the world you call beautiful. You deserve your truth to shine, but don’t stand in your own way.

Make up is great, but where are you in the midst of all that shadow, shine through!

Tea time

It’s time to journal again, say and express with intention, see the vision, be the vision, it’s yours for a reason.

Beauty is simple, and can be used as medicine for the mind and body, to bring us back into balance in such ugly times in human history.

Tis true, she deserves all that is hers and she/I’m coming to claim the bounty..And the deed!

Time with God is breathe for the living spirit and soul, there is power in prayer, and repentance wash your spirit daily in prayer, to keep the body in alignment with it’s TRUE purpose.

Get organized, stay organized, think organized and focus…in that order

Daily, say this daily and most importantly believe it!

Learn lessons and move on to the next chapter. Thank you so much for joining me, until next time.

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