Camera Roll..October Scenes

I worked at the Typo deli in 2004. It was tucked behind the Newsroom, same place, same owners. I remember how Pete Kelly, one of owners would explain the art of coffee roasting, how he had a big roaster that was antique, and apparently all these years later, still works like a dream.

I played Marvin Gaye, Nelly Furtado, Bob Marley, Nina Simone, and others. I lunch blend that reset the pace in what was then 2004, Downtown Minneapolis. I served guest in a newsroom themed coffee shop. I was fond of it, but life sent me to other places.

I returned to visit as I sometimes do, and he told the bartender that I worked for him over 20 years ago, the bartender looked at me confused. Pete said “don’t be confused my boy, it’s facts”, and he was right. Downtown is a ghost town, with sparse visitors. The whole time I’m applauding him for staying consistent through the storm, at the same time wondering, what is Minneapolis’ game plan for downtown???

Planning, planning. The day, projects, budgets and Bill’s. It’s constantly all the time. I’m worth it.

Tonics, and smoothies. Good health starts in our gut. I have been drinking and boiling my vegetables for nutrients and to promote a healthy gut biome. I have noticed I have energy and joy, because I don’t feel horrible, who what have guessed it?

Fall scenes from the inside out. I love both. I embrace both. I bring the outside in, anytime I can.

Drawing, it’s therapeutic and expressive, it’s also not the internet so I know I’m thinking my own thoughts..

Coffee, we are still friends, we see each other time to time, not all day every day..

The bar at the Newsroom looks like the mass of a ship, quite creative.

Picture perfect. Celebrating the Hardel Sherrell Act was history making and ground breaking.

Plant Mom for life. I adore the lessons plants teach, I’m here for it!

Graphic novel dreams, I carve it out, it feels as if from marble, sometimes.

Food, I cook veggies heavy, that’s the theme and mood always.

When I do go out, I do it in style..

Late nights, early mornings..

MisFit..I happened on this coffee shop, and had candy shots of tequila, and blogged a bit.

The Graduate with Miss Del Shea Perry, I’m glad to know her, it was great to catch up.

I watched documentaries to curate content for my blog..
Romance is great, but I buy myself flowers because I love them.

Until next time!

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