Octo-Gone 2021

Well we gave reached the end of a visually spectacular month, but it did not come without a few wonderful surprises and challenges.

I honestly did start to hunker down and work more on my illustrations for a graphic novel I’m working on, more to come on that. Yet and still, inspired to do so because of the chill that has entered the atmosphere, the rainy day dark days of solace Champion inspiration in its wake.

It’s more complicated then anything, who really can be well? We can only keep striving aiming to win the fight, and do what’s right, because we are all very much in the thick of it.

To say the least, no good news, just more and more crazy every day, and I get it, these are the days they were singing about in church, when we thought Biblical stories were just stories and did not know what darkness lies in the heart of men and women who have other agendas other plans…The Bible is ancient it’s stories were not lullabies, but the answer is always the same because God always reigns, pray, and seek Him first.

Sometimes emotions stem from trauma, and disappointments of the past unresolved. Children cry because they are helpless, adults have advantage, they can do something about their situation, we can all benefit into growing into adults.

Life’s collage is happening in real time don’t miss out. Make room for all the friends, family and love, you haven’t met yet.

Yes, so true, this not mind control, think critically at everything you see.

Photo by me, Stephanie. Always inspired by the beauty of Fall days..City life where old Minneapolis meets her new self and vice versa.

It actually takes time to practice self care, so where are you going all the time? And why are you spending all that money?

To know when to hold ’em, no when to fold ’em, no when to walk away, no when to run…In my Kenny Rogers voice.

Life, can pass you by while your staring at the sky, all the people in your life can too. Cherish what’s important, life isn’t things.

Armor up!

Sweet ideas to bring the outside in.

Propagation Station…I’m here for it!

Food Inspired By The Season

Curry Coconut..

Harvest Medley

Scents nature’s gift..

You have time to work on you so do it, it’s no one else’s job.

Thank for joining me, until next time!

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