September-Oct Mood Style

This is the time of year to re-evaluate our priority lists. As we approach the dimmer days of October, we have to address the clutter, budgets, and time management. All the while enjoying, the comforts of the season, because there are wonderful moments to be found with the season change.

Get Cozy and Relax whenever you can.
As the days get darker, and we turn inward in reflection, it is well to get comfortable with the feeling that we can make progress in the things we can do, and pray for the things we can’t. God’s plan is always the best plan.

Sweets for the sweet! Indulge in the flavors of the season. Pecan, apple, pumpkin spice, caramels, pistachio and so much more.

Detox drink lemon and mint, is a perfect combination.

The last full moon taught me that many are fighting inward battles, and the difficulty in seeing the end may seem like a reason to fret, but stay faithful, better days are ahead.

So this is an example of the human family tree…we don’t seem that different to me.

Take care of you and counter the dark with the light!

Good mood foods, are veggie heavy and savory..

Decor and so much more…See inspiration down below.

Every time the season change my Mom, being the queen of ambiance, would always shift the mood. So in the spirit of ambiance, I have a few ideas. Decor and Ambiance!

We can still live a life worthy of us, we just have to give it a tailored made and personal touch.

More to come, and thank you ever so much for joining me, have a wonderful week..Until next time!

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