Style and Charm 2

So this one goes out to all my born princesses everywhere. Who came out into this world endured folks telling you were not what you knew you were, and you dared to be it anyway. To keep the feminine and see it for the power it is and not a weakness. Cheers to those who keep dreams and still despite the harshness of this world still believe in ever afters. We are going to talk today, stay with me now…

When we are young we show our character early, but everyone wants to be the pretty princess and that’s fair, but how many if the pretty princesses after time, life and age are distorted into the mean hateful queen? Sips tea..

We see these things as stories, but grow up a bit, and see that it is not easy to maintain ones character in a world of hustlers trying to run to third base, with your disgrace they will never pity, only pawn… Let’s move on.

Calmly now, practice loving you enough to be real? Because we can change clothes, but character is not so easy.

Guarding the gates is a term not just used for protection, but also preservation. Vetting who we allow in our space is essential for sanity, and everyone needs that, and can’t afford to lose it.

So the process goes, then repeat until you gain understanding.

Rest Easy..

Following pages that inspire.

Taking journaling to higher heights this Fall.

Heritage is what is our story, no matter what lives we invent.



This world can be rough, in fact it has always been. the joy that we have can not come from crust of bread but bounty to them that believe. Thank you ever so much for joining me, until next time..

3 thoughts on “Style and Charm 2

  1. I found the articles enticing and provocative.. As well as well written and informative.. Enjoyed the photos of the models and the clothes..
    Every woman is born a princess … It’s life that assigns us different destinies.

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