A Day To Remember, Celebrating the Hardel Sherrell Act

I saw on the news that a man had died in jail, I saw him from a cell camera laying on the ground face down, I turned YouTube off and prayed. Like so many stories boiling up to 2020, there seems to be a borage of bad news. Some of us probably stopped watching due to the constant horrors that became the main stay in our moving world.

Hardel Sherrell

One story, that may have missed one’s attention is the story of Hardel Sherrell, he was a handsome young man, with a beautiful family. He may had made decisions that led to his arrest and detainment, but as @TouissantMorrison put it, “Hardel Sherrell will never have his day in court”. The reason why, because when he complained of not feeling well, he was treated as if he had exhaustion and sent back to his cell.

The details after that do not improve, and neither does Hardel Sherrell’s health, because what he died of was treatable, but over the process of nine days turned into paralysis, from there, it got worse.

Hardel Sherrell died in his cell because his life was not considered important, disregarded as if he had no one to love him, no one else that would be affected.

By the grace of God, that was not so, he had a whole family who loved him and was waiting for him to return home. When he didn’t they were left to have to pick up the pieces and some how forge a way forward, this takes strength.

Introducing Del Shea Perry

Introducing Del Shea Perry, she was and is his mother, and she has to re-live and tell the story most everyday, but she does not just tell the story, she plays a major role in its victory. As we talk about the Hardel Sherrell Act, we have to first talk about a woman who stepped into the prayer room before all meetings decreed and declared in the name of Jesus, she is an evangelist, and when I met her she was the sweetest most loving, comforting and kind person, her aura was warm. I was in the presence of a woman with a Broken heart, but has a fighters spirit. I attended the celebration on Oct, 2, 2021 -772 Selby Avenue, St. Paul ,MN. There was so much in store for that day.

The day, was full of surprises, I don’t think I could have possible imagine the outcome of the day. I initially heard about the Hardell Sherrell Act when I saw it being discussed by Touissant Morrison, who is a major supporter of Del Shea Perry. I read the whole Bill, and my jaw dropped, few things, in the State of Minnesota to be a black woman and accomplish getting a bill passed, that is already impressive. By the grace of God, this bill grew bigger then the tragedy that was trying to repeat, day, after day, to so many sons and daughters. This bill addressing in detail, that those who are detained are to be treated humanely and if not there is grounds to let go of officials who violates its policy, good reading, look it up!

This bill represents for mothers everywhere, in a system that operates against them, a reality that has become all to apparent in these recent years

The Celebration

The day had so many golden moments, I can think of 3 that defined the day for me. 1 the fire that was in circle, surrounded by then wire, the fire kept blazing, I found solace next to it various time throughout the celebration, the rain, well I was in a conversation, felt the wind the change and the clouds rolled, the rain poured, and poured, most of us ended up underneath a tent. Then the band, that band, they came, in the middle of the rain, and called us out of our tents.

We came out of the tents, because they were jamming, had us all transfixed, they led us down the streets, we bopped our heads, tapped our feet, stared with amazement at the drummers, then danced in the middle of the rain, like it was an honored guest, and the band played on.

The day ended with a remembrance, the letting off of balloons for all the families that had not been represented that day, there were families in attendance, whose children shared a similar fate as Hardel Sherrell, and they were honored by Del Shea Perry that day, she acted as a one woman show to organize the event, and coming in I would not have known.

We can not take granted Del Shea Perry, or all the prayer, guts and grit it took to fight for her son, in the form of a bill that blesses so many. When we returned from listening and dancing with the band in the rain, the fire was still a blaze, the ashes were as dry as a bone. I stood in awe, I saw the fire put itself out at the end of the event. And the sun was shining again.

Del Shea explained to me later, that she was contacted by someone with whom, the bill she passed saved that persons life, and they knew it. We should all know it too, and share the story, and stay connected. Feel free to reach out to Be Their Voices, heralded by Del Shea Perry.

I thank you so much for your time, this is a departure from my normal content, it is however monumental, until next time.

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