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Being at peace with oneself is a tough battle, to clear away the things that hinder growth, re-prioritize and count ones blessings, is harder then it looks and sounds. There is no end to growth, only wonderful milestones. Just like when a child’s legs are growing as they get taller, growth hurts it’s not pretty, it’s a process. Cheers to the growers out there, not afraid to shed old skin, and get on with it.

I realize there are a lot of people out there so comfortable in their suffering, that they feel the don’t have an identity without it. That’s simply not true, someone could be waiting on your testimony, don’t count yourself out, you have purpose if you believe it or not…Just saying 💯

We don’t talk much about mental health, but we should. Sure it is not the most fashionable conversation, but as we look around our nation with current uptick in crime, and a year of complete bamboozlement can wear down anyone. I pray for each and everyone who reads this, may God be with you, in Jesus name. Stay strong and encourage as we journey in this space.

Life can be like peaks and valleys, sometimes we are up and we can see from that vantage point, other times we can be in valley, seeming a bit lost, but often on the right path. Peaks are great, moments of brilliance and accomplishment fuel us to our next project or destination to conquer. Valleys for time of prayer and being steadfast though things look uncertain, staying faithful inspite of what we see or don’t see happening in our lives. Be steadfast and true, it’s a virtue, that pays you back in the end.

Besides we have to persevere, we have others who are watching ..

Thank you for coming through, as you are very welcome to also share your thoughts. Until next time ladies and gentlemen.

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