Date Night…Where are we going?

Summer months role in with that warm breeze, like pull out those satin strappy’s and find somewhere to be.

Life is so charming in summer, cafes are a buzz with locals, stretches of park spaces with people drifting, walking, sitting, with others or alone.

The walkable places to go, not to mention its art festival season in the Twin Cities, so there will be events galore. It’s time to make it a date.

Some will go out with their friends, lovers, or loved one’s in their lives, (which is anyone who is family) to see the sites, eat at the cafes, and walk the parks…You know what I’m going to say, “always do it it in style” what ever it is…So, I have a few ideas.

International style that adds cultural references can be empowering as well as an head turner, if you going rock a bold look, do it with confidence, and play lead in your own movie.

She is ready bringing all that glamorous allure

Light, bright, beautiful not to mention breezy, to flow with the wind is to be comfortable in the heat, catch the wind or let it catch you…

Brazen color, this jewel tone will mute out just about any thing else in the room, even red would seem as if it was trying to hard. This look is solid.

Blend, part dress, part rock n roll, there was no reason to chose. Love it, it’s not for everyone, but it works on the right one, and that’s style for you.

The Nororious K.IA. is that deal, this sister is so creative she needs to have a feature on this platform, and definitely will, it’s in the works. In the meanwhile her style is inspired by New York, the sister’s nail game is surreal, makes me want to plan a trip, sooner then later for the nail shop alone. Shout out and one love to the sista Notorious K.I.A, a very empowered individual indeed.

There are restaurants that are hard to get a table at, they serve amazing food, and you there to make a memory, go with the drama on that one, you only live once.

Outdoor festivals, brunch with the ladies, or a art day, mix and match, and live your life.

This look when I saw it, was very Moda, there are no doubt cultural influences but the sheer theme is Koi fish, starting to be a very endearing fish to me, some breeds are rare and expensive. Shout out to the designer..tag them if you know them

I know she is an artist her name escapes me, but her look is well done. Mixed prints, accessories and orange is not an easy color to wear, but again, this works..

Graphic T’s are summer staples.

Pearl’s for the girls, stay runway ready at the shows, be art, stand apart and blaze your own path.

I don’t know much about this brand, but I do know the lines and silhouettes are the foundation for great style. Love this!

Mommy’s deserve a date night, most especially, so don’t be afraid to get cute and celebrate you.

So where are we going? Because we got to get dressed…

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