Mornings lately..

To think that I moved back to my childhood city, and see it slowly swallowed up by a behavior I dont recognize is bewildering. I sit, seeing the serenity of my neighborhood, the personality of the city I know. I truly love my city, always will, then the News tells me some ish went down again, and again, and again, yikes!.

Cities are culture, and stomping grounds, they are not just businesses and zones. What a predicament Minneapolis.

Yes, she is!

I. Mean tho..yet digress at the same time. Like everyone else, just watching the destruction of cities and social consciousness swirl into what is now known as this *sh..Its more like…make sure your taking pictures. I do know in all things, that God has the whole world in his hands, so why rant on any further. I pray for each one of you, continue mightily if you can, and pray daily, if not moment to moment, because it’s real in the battlefield .

We can continue…

As a writer I really do try to explore my range, thank you for riding with me. You don’t know me but you do if you have been reading along. It’s my personality in print, so thank you a million times and thank you again.

I do want to touch on love more, just examining the waters here. However yes, his smile, her smile, doesn’t lie, and officially I think for each other that should be the goal, very simple. Also, if that is the goal, an amazing life will happen in between, test my theory, why don’t you?

When the victor tales the tales, everyone loses.

I keep asking myself, what direction to head in, there are so much aspects that I want to cover, and I dont want to just give snippets. This is about the blending so here me out. History has been hidden, and as we delve inside we get what we expect of the copper colored cultures whose history has been buried, white washed, re written. I too, am a lover of history, and as the story goes, there is a lot to digest, but we will get there.

As quiet as it is kept, God’s World is still a mystery in this technological era.

So also, there is this passion for all things nature, I truly feel God is an amazing artist, with a wonderful sense of humor. I have some examples of flowers and cactuses, that will blow your mind, take a look.

Thank you again, for coming through and staying true. Until we meet again.

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