Part 2 Current Events 2020

Well, there is so much to tell, lol.

December has come and is waltzing into the door of the New Year, and not to fast forward time, but to say, at least we are dancing in style. I hope everyone out there is warm on the inside somewhere, and do consider friends who are not. There is so much to be grateful for no matter how the year commenced.

The truth is, we shoulder this experience to together and there is clearly no real since of what’s going on. So here we are truly, still here and it is another year to your best.

I don’t think it really matters what happens at this point, bust ask yourself are you the you, you can be proud of? If the answer is No, don’t rest, you have work to do. Do it with a smile, you can only benefit from being a better you, now that is exclusive.

Well let’s get to the recent news of the last few days. ๐Ÿ—“๐Ÿ“Š๐Ÿ“‹

So much information, I know right? We are in a time where it is not unusual to be hyper stimulated and totally apathetic at the same time. Why? The oversaturation of images, it’s like you would be crying for ever if you had a heart. So to numb ourselves and not admit that things are bananas, days go on, and if we are strong, so do we.

Enough of all that serious talk let’s talk inspirations, because they count too. We may not be able to control the chaos of the world, but we can develop inner peace, why? Cause stress kills.

Slow living has become such a inspiration in recent weeks. I watch Swedish, Korean YouTubers that practice the style of life. Very fulfilling to see. Waking up, making your bed, making tea, stretching, making breakfast, shower, get ready for the day, plan out the day, get stuff done, night routine, relax.

Way to own your life and manage your stress is what I think to do the whole time. I want to give everyone high fives because it essential to protect your peace all the time. Its not to say hermit away, no, it’s saying develop healthy boundaries and positive routines. As the world gets crazier chose to be more skilled, more brilliant..We are in a time where the world needs superheroes ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ‘ˆ

Style , well I have been thinking about it, capsul wardrobe is what immediately comes to mind. Who am I kidding, I don’t go far from home. To look cute, was like a job. But not any more, I have 2 answers, protective style (braids) and capsule wardrobe, my trusty, comfy basics that I can style cute at home. That is all I wear, and all I wash, and it’s amazing. My closest stays organized because the basics does the job.

Some Capsule Inspiration for you..๐Ÿ˜

The reason I selected the French inspired wardrobe is because it is the example of the perfect capsule wardrobe, I mean, go hard, or go home right. Let me explain, basics can mix and match a million different ways because of the color family of neutrals. Stay with me, the style itself is versatile, where can’t you go with these basics? Work from home? Do basic errands? Stand 6 ft away from family and friends? Business Zoom meeting? Client meet and greet (over Zoom) you are ready. Also, it’s international, and any one any where can imbibe these basics and be the sophisticate they were born to be.

Basics, that are friends with each other, your outfits pretty much put themselves together and you can now go about your day. Truly a time giver, and a stress reducer.

And then I realized, I have a love for cartoons and animations, I mean, you never get to old to have a inner child. Check out what I curated in images this month.

I have sister’s and I have bestfriends and truly they are irreplaceable. Women and friendships were destroyed with puberty, that is when the world, I mean the media, boys, other, other friends, all start mixing and settling, and perhaps we never get back. If you have your bestfriend consider yourself blessed, the world is in short supply and some relationships are priceless.

Cheers to the friends we haven’t met!

So now, as you can see, all of those are very stylish friends, and for a reason. The style inspiration of friendship is the look people, stay with me…lol

I really hope you liked, and enjoyed this current events expression, please remember to like and subscribe.

Until we meet again.

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